Reclaimed Wood Box Seat


This reclaimed wood box seat started out from pieces of an old TV stand and leftover woods from other projects. The box was then covered from reclaimed embossed wallpaper that was hand painted with brown house paint. After the paint dried, it was given a copper faux finish with a dry brush to give it a metallic look and feel. A long 70s belt we bought at the Salvation Army was cut in half to create the two straps that embellish the front of the box. The top was made from a scrap piece of plywood and foam reclaimed from an old sofa that was glued to the top of the plywood. But before gluing the sofa foam to the plywood, we affixed a large piano hinge to both the top and box base so we could open and close the lid on the box that we planned to use for storage.


We had a leftover piece of faux leather from another project that was just the right size for this seat. We then added upholstery tacks around the bottom edge of the seat top to add character and secure the faux leather to the wood frame. The feet for the box were reclaimed from the same sofa that we got the foam from. The great part was that the feet were already covered in brown fabric that matched the color of our box seat.


This wood box seat is very sturdy and added two comfortable seating spots in our den when we have guests. And last but not least, I’ve already used this box seat to store a lot of my craft and fabric remnants. This was a fun project because it gave us extra seating and extra storage for the cost of reclaiming and re-using some trash items.


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