Trash Art Collage


This Trash Art Collage is the work of artist David Romaxx. The piece started out with a rounded steel remnant found on the street (and had four bored holes). A stencil of a sun was painted on the steel piece. The steel piece was mounted onto an old weathered wood cabinet door by a screw through one end of a rubber bushing (from a patio table). The open end of a sofa spring was affixed to the steel piece through the center side holes and bottom sofa spring was then looped through the ends of the top sofa spring leaving it loose to swing freely.

The steel piece was then anchored at the bottom with a bolt through the center of a pulley (from a garage door repair). Plastic little bottles (recycled medicine containers) were inserted through the rings of the sofa spring loops to symbolize the rays of the sun. A beautiful blue glass bottle was also inserted into one of the loops of the bottom sofa spring, which hangs loosely and moves when the wind blows. Natural movement is one of the artist’s favorite features in all of his trash art pieces.

It’s amazing what you can make from the smallest of trash items we tend to throw away.


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