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Reclaimed Items Fountain



This fountain started out from a food grade blue plastic barrel. We cut the barrel in half leaving more of the barrel on the bottom. We then buried the barrel about two feet into the ground. Next we started to build up the sides with dirt that we had left over from a fence project. Everything you see in the photo was left over from different projects or given to us by friends.

Years ago when several of our trees were small, we had placed decorative garden pavers around each one. As the trees grew throughout the years, we removed the pavers and saved them. We used these old garden pavers to build a decorate wall around the fountain and placed a few on the sides to use as shelves. We also added a lot potting soil on top of the dirt so we could plant some flowers and plants. We also used several old flat lime stones to create a small path in front of the fountain. The yellow pop bottle flower was from a previous Retrobellish project Found Here.

Repurposed Grill Planters

These repurposed grill planter projects started out with one of our grills that had outlived its use as a grill. The grills featured in this article were previous Retrobellish projects found here (links provided below). We have also added some new updated pictures of the grill planters in use today.

Reclaimed Grill Top Planter Published August 31, 2013 By Diana Romaxx



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Recycled Gas Grill Planter Published October 17, 2011 By Diana Romaxx



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