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Repurposed Floral Vase


This glass vase started out as a gift from a close friend of ours. She gave us a set of two, but we were on the verge of a home remodeling project and decided not to open the vase boxes for fear of breaking them. When we finally decided to use the vases, we discovered one vase had a cracked rim, and by then too much time had gone by to exchange it.

So I decided to re-purpose the damaged vase as a painted glass vase. I started out by taking a trip to my local home improvement store to get all the items I needed for the project. Since the crack was only about a few inches long (in the shape of a half moon), I decided to just get some fine grade sandpaper to smooth off the broken glass edges. Also, I was able to purchase a small can of forest green acrylic enamel on clearance. I sanded the cracked rim until the sharpness was gone (wear gloves when doing this part) and the glass was smooth. I then painted the inside of the glass vase with the deep forest green paint I had purchased. I then let it dry for about a day. After the vase was completely dry, it looked like green glass and the crack was not as visible any more–perfect for some dry or silk flower arrangement.


I decided to use some tall silk peonies I had purchased a few months back on one of my weekend trips to a small neighborhood craft store. The craft store mostly has a lot of bridal accessories, but always has great clearance sales on their floral supplies. The flowers I had were big and bulky, perfect for the size of the vase. The other green leafed pieces I had were leftovers from other projects. When I started to play around with the flowers and the greenery, it started to create a very lifelike arrangement that I decided to keep.


This vase could also have been painted in any color of your choice, even Mod Podged with old magazine cutouts or any art of your choice. This project could also be done on any glass vase to which you may want to give a new look. The beauty is that if you don’t like the color, it could be changed. So just have fun and create your very own one-of-a-kind piece.


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