Trash Art Solar Lantern


This trash art lantern was made from an old broken Spanish style lamp that we recycled. We did not do much to the lantern except clean it up and remove the wiring. We then used a found piece from a chain link fence to hang the lantern. We were able to bend some of the lamp’s metal pieces by hand to secure the fence piece.


This is one of those projects that are very simple and easy to make. We have enjoyed the lamp on our trellis in back yard for several years now.


For the light we used a found solar light piece (that still lit up) from a scrapped yard lamp. We simply inserted the solar light piece inside this lamp and again bent some of the lamp’s metal pieces by hand to hold the solar light piece in place.


Although we used this style lamp for this project, you can basically use any outdoor lamp and buy the solar light piece from any big box store for a few dollars to light up your very own recycled whimsical solar lamp art piece. So just have fun!

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