Refurbished Foo Dogs


These two foo dogs were originally painted with a dark rust color and had gotten chipped from laying around the garage. After we did some redecorating in one of our rooms, I wanted to give these small statues a second life by giving them a faux rustic stone finish. I began by adding a layer of dark moss green acrylic paint with a soft brush. I let that layer thoroughly dry before adding the next layer. I then used a soft sponge to add a lighter shade of the same moss green over some areas of the statue and making sure to leave some of the dark moss color show through. Once that shade dried, I added a watered down medium shade of the moss green with a soft brush and the colors began to look blended in some areas and gave the finish a mottled look. Once the third layer was completely dry, I applied the fourth and final layer of very light moss green paint sporadically over the statue, which further blended the colors, and gave me the stone-like finish I wanted. I then repeated the same process on the second statue.

I painted the base with a soft brush using a flat black acrylic paint. Once that layer dried, I painted the next layer using the same soft brush, but for contrast, I used a flat navy blue acrylic paint. Once this layer thoroughly dried, I used a soft dry brush to apply a fast light stroke of metallic bronze acrylic paint, leaving very little of the navy blue and black colors showing through. Once the bronze paint dried, I sprayed the entire piece with a coat of clear acrylic gloss.

Foodog-L copy

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