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Reclaimed Pillow Covers

Pillows make great accents in our homes. Sometimes, pillows that may have looked great a few years ago may have lost their luster due to everyday wear and tear and some fabrics may just go out of style, but one could always make covers to give those pillows a fresh look. I had such a dilemma with some pillows that I bought at a clearance sale at a store in our area that was going out of business. I liked the size and shape of the pillows, but not the color. I had some striped pink fabric I loved and had enough to cover the two small pillows.

I placed one of the pillows in the center of the fabric and folded one end of the fabric over half way over the pillow and then the folded the bottom of the fabric up towards the middle of the pillow. I measured and pinned near the places where I would cut making sure to pin a 1/4″ seam allowance. I then cut the fabric making sure to keep the stripes lined up and sewed the sides. I also sewed across the middle, but made sure I left an opening large enough to slip the pillow inside the opening. It turned out very well and I had enough fabric to make one more pillow cover. The pillows look very nice on my chair. In the past, I’ve also used leftover fabric that I reclaimed from old drapes to cover a chair and made a small matching pillow cover. I’ve even used denim from some old jeans to embellish other small pillows to give them a more interesting look, so you can reclaim fabric from just about anything you’d like.

Lost Earring Crochet Pin

I was looking for a pair of earrings to wear and couldn’t help notice the sparkle from some earrings at the back of my jewelry box. I have several lone earrings that don’t have a matching earring because I’ve lost them over the years. Each time I’d lose one, I’d put it in what became the lost earring section of my jewelry box with the hopes of soon finding the lost one. As time passed, I couldn’t throw them out and thought they might one day become a nice future craft project.

This crocheted pin is one such project that was inspired from browsing through several craft magazines. The old pierced earring I chose measures 1 inch in diameter and the crocheted part measures 2-1/2 inches in diameter. I used a fine beige crochet thread that is intertwined with gold metallic thread and used a size E-4 MM crochet hook. I looked at the earring for design inspiration and by trial and error came up with a very simple pattern.

I started by crocheting five single chains and joined them with a slip stitch. Next, I crocheted four single chains and double-crocheted 12 stitches into the center and then ended that row by joining with a slip stitch. Next, I chained four (to match the length of a double crochet) and double crocheted into each of the next two stitches, then crocheted four single chains and repeated double-crocheting into each of the next three stitches, repeating to the end and joined that row with a slip stitch.

In the next row, I single crocheted into every stitch all the way around. Next, I made four single chains, then double-crocheted into the next stitch, crocheted two single chains and then double-crocheted into each of the next two stitches and repeated all the way around and ended that row with a slip stitch. In the last row, I single crocheted into every stitch all the way around and finished with a knot.

I placed the pierced earring post through the crocheted center, and the post is sharp enough to go through a sweater. The earring back holds the earring in place very well. I’m happy with the results and have worn the pin on a few of my sweaters. Instead of an earring in the center, you can also use a small pin in the center of any crocheted design you create.

Reclaimed Holiday Cards

Greetings and happy new year. With all the holiday cards we received throughout this holiday season, we ended up with quite a few holiday cards that were too beautiful to throw away. One of my favorite things to do with my old holiday cards is to cut out name tags and smaller cards for many other occasions throughout the year. Those little gift cards at the card section in many big box stores can get a bit pricey. In the past I’ve either free handed my own drawings onto small cards or I’ve made them out of reclaimed holiday cards.

After the holidays, I start out by eying the cards to see where would be the best areas to start cutting out my new cards. Great tools to have are a pair of scalloped edge scissors and a one-hole punch that you may already have or that can be picked up at any craft store. In the past, I have even used a small knitting needle to make the hole. Scalloped edged scissors make great designs on your borders and the one-hole punch is to pierce a small hole in the top center or corner of a gift tag. If you don’t want to tape the gift tag or note card to a gift and you can also pierce a spot on the gift tag or card and run any kind of string, ribbon, or even yarn through the pierced hole. I use a toothpick to push the string, ribbon or yarn through the pierced hole.

Using the scalloped edge scissors to cut around objects and even shaping your own plain circles and tree shapes in the blank areas of most cards can make very beautiful little gift tags. You can even create small note cards by cutting simple square shapes from the folded edge of a card, which looks even more decorative when cut with the scalloped scissors. These tags and cards are not only colorful and whimsical, but also very original. I just hated to throw away such beautifully designed and artistic cards. Some tags have turned out so beautiful that I’ve used them as an ornament to hang on our tree and our wreath.

I hope this gives everyone fun and useful ideas on how to reclaim your holiday cards.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! May you all have a spectacular 2012. Thank you for your support.


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