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First Published August 30, 2014 | By Diana Romaxx Here To See Original Post

Refurbished Foo Dogs


These two foo dogs were originally painted with a dark rust color and had gotten chipped from laying around the garage. After we did some redecorating in one of our rooms, I wanted to give these small statues a second life by giving them a faux rustic stone finish. I began by adding a layer of dark moss green acrylic paint with a soft brush. I let that layer thoroughly dry before adding the next layer. I then used a soft sponge to add a lighter shade of the same moss green over some areas of the statue and making sure to leave some of the dark moss color show through. Once that shade dried, I added a watered down medium shade of the moss green with a soft brush and the colors began to look blended in some areas and gave the finish a mottled look. Once the third layer was completely dry, I applied the fourth and final layer of very light moss green paint sporadically over the statue, which further blended the colors, and gave me the stone-like finish I wanted. I then repeated the same process on the second statue.

I painted the base with a soft brush using a flat black acrylic paint. Once that layer dried, I painted the next layer using the same soft brush, but for contrast, I used a flat navy blue acrylic paint. Once this layer thoroughly dried, I used a soft dry brush to apply a fast light stroke of metallic bronze acrylic paint, leaving very little of the navy blue and black colors showing through. Once the bronze paint dried, I sprayed the entire piece with a coat of clear acrylic gloss.

Foodog-L copy

Grapevine Holiday Wreath

grapevine holiday wreath

The holiday season is a fun time of the year to get creative with decorations for your home. This grapevine holiday wreath is very simple to make and could easily be updated every year with different ornaments of your choice. I had a very plain grapevine wreath at home that I wanted to decorate with some type of ornaments, but nothing too big that would hide the beauty of the vines. Previously Published 11/13 See Here

Fall Holiday Wreath

This wreath started out as a round, green wire bare frame I bought at a craft store. Along with the wreath, I also bought numerous springs of beautiful silk maple leaves and some floral wire. I cut the leaves off of the spring and wired individual leaves onto the wreath. The warm festive fall colors are very cheerful and versatile because they can be displayed from mid-September to Thanksgiving day (US). Click Here For Full Post
Published November 9, 2011 By Diana Romaxx

Fall Colors Holiday Leaf Reef

Fall Colors Holiday Leaf Reef

Re-purposed Halloween Tot Bag


(This project was originally published October 23, 2011) Halloween is a great time of the year to reuse a lot of fabric remnants and other leftover craft materials to create fun ghoulish pieces. This project is made from an old tote bag I had laying around, an old white tee shirt, some leftover pieces of fabrics, cardboard, and a hot glue gun (or fabric glue).

I drew out an idea on paper and decided on embellishing the tote bag with some trim, a little ghost and two bats. I used an old white tee shirt to make the ghost, a round plastic lid to partially trace onto cardboard for the shape of a ghost head, an orange piece of trim, a small piece of black fabric (round sequins or buttons) for ghost eyes, a small piece of cardboard to make a bat template, and a small piece of green felt (or any green fabric) for the bats… Click Here To See Project


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