Grapevine Holiday Wreath

The holiday season is a fun time of the year to get creative with decorations for your home. This grapevine holiday wreath is very simple to make and could easily be updated every year with different ornaments of your choice. I had a very plain grapevine wreath at home that I wanted to decorate with some type of ornaments, but nothing too big that would hide the beauty of the vines.

Right after the holidays last year, I went to a craft store clearance sale and found some beautiful ornamental sprigs that I really loved. One of these sprigs was perfect because it had beautiful deep red berries and gold leaves that looked beautiful when I held them up against the wreath. I loved the look so much that I wired the sprig onto the wreath and decided that a bow at the top would balance out the wreath. I found a beautiful deep red bow with gold edging that complimented the sprig perfectly.

It felt wonderful to hang such a beautiful wreath on the door. These grapevine wreaths are very strong and versatile and lend themselves to many different types of decorating techniques. So just have fun and create your very own one-of-a-kind wreath.

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