Denim, Lace and Pearl Pin

Recycling even the small scrap pieces of fabrics leftover from other projects could produce little fun pieces such as embellishments for other projects. I have a nice casual denim jacket that has an outside left breast pocket. The pocket is square in shape and I’ve always thought it would look nice with some kind of pin, but I didn’t like the look of any of the pins I have. I looked through my fabrics, trims and beads and combined a few things to see if I could make a pin for my jacket. I really liked the look of blue denim covered with a leftover piece of white lace trim. I looked through my beads and found some pretty white pearl beads of all different sizes. A few of the pearls looked nice over the white lace trim and both looked nice against the dark blue of the denim.

I came up with an idea to make a rectangular shaped pin for my denim jacket pocket. So I took my pinking shears and cut about 3 inches of blue denim (and then cut a second piece for the back of the pin), about 5 inches of the white lace, and made sure to cut the denim wider than the lace (the denim measured 2-1/2 inches wide). The pin needed some support so I have some 1/8th inch thick interface that I cut to a smaller size than the length and width of the denim pieces.

Although I used pinking shears to cut the lace, to make sure the lace edges would not unravel, I used a few drops of Fray Check over the cut lace edges. Fray Check is a liquid solution which keeps fabric edges from unraveling.

I wrapped the lace around the denim pieces, firmly held together all the pieces and then hand sewed the white lace to the denim. At some points I made sure that I also sewed through the interface piece (sandwiched in the center). I played around with the layout of the pearl beads, chose a simple pattern I really liked, and sewed on the pearls. I’m really happy with the look of my new pin and have used it on my jacket pocket.

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