Making A Beaded Crochet Ring

Crocheting has always been a very therapeutic craft for me, so it doesn’t matter how big or small, I always look forward to any new crochet project. I’ve wanted to try making a crochet ring for the longest time, so I decided to try it. I used a size E/4 crochet needle and started the ring by crocheting 17 single chains. I measured the length of crocheted single chains around my ring finger every so often until both ends touched and the band felt snug. I then double-crocheted two rows to make the ring, and stitched together both ends. I’ve had this beige and gold metallic crochet thread for a very long time, however, I threw away the wrapper so I’m guessing that it’s very close to a size 3 crochet thread.

I decided to use a 34 gauge gold jewelry wire to thread the gold beads through the ring. The wire is very flexible and soft yet thin enough to thread the tiny gold beads. I used gold seed beads, but slightly bigger ones in the center of both rows. This really turned out to be a very fun project. I’m definitely looking forward to making another one in a brighter color.

Starting to Crochet Ring's 1st Row

Crocheting the Ring's 2nd Row

Crocheting Both Ends Together

Ready to Begin Beading the Ring

Crochet Beaded Ring

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