“Embellished Navy Blue Blouse”

Embellished Navy Blue Blouse

This is a soft stretch cotton blouse that has a gathered v-neckline. Because the gathered neckline has a lot of texture, I thought it would look even more interesting with some sparkle in between the little creases of the gathered fabric. I had some iridescent bugle beads that reflected blue and purple hues of color. I sewed on a few bugle beads and saw how nice they looked, so I kept sewing them on.

When I sewed on the beads to about a three inch section of the neckline, I was really happy with how different the blouse looked. This project did take a while to complete, but after sewing a little while each night for about a week, I can say that the results were worth it. I still wear this blouse with jeans, but it’s nice to have given my blouse a fun and pretty new look.

Embellished Navy Blue Blouse

Closeup Of The Navy Blue Blouse Neckline.


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