Embellished Wedding Watch

Embellished Watch Sampler

Weddings could be very stressful for the bride-to-be, not to mention all the running around there is to get all your last minute things ready for the next day. A while back, one of my girlfriends was getting married in a small chapel and wanted something old, but not the traditional items like a hanky or piece of jewelry. So I asked her if there was a special item that she had been using for a long time. She gave it some thought and told me about an old white watch she had received as a high school graduation gift from her parents, so it was very sentimental to her. I also had a similar watch at home which I used as a template to give her an idea of how I could embellish her watch for her wedding day. A few weeks ago I found the same watch I had embellished to show her. The watch pictured here has two different styles of embellishments. By the way, my friend was touched with both results, but picked the one with the fluffy tulle, rose-sequin trim on white satin. So this is just one of many ways that you can embellish and reuse an old watch.

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