Embellishing A Black Lacy Blouse

Materials I used to embellish blouse:
Black lacy trim
Black sewing thread and sewing needle

Several years ago, I bought this blouse to wear to an anniversary party. The blouse is black satin with lacy see-through sleeves and rhinestone buttons. Although I’ve only worn it several times since that occasion, I’ve always wanted to embellish it by adding something more to it, I just couldn’t figure out what type of embellishment would look the best.

Recently, I went shopping at a fabric store and in the trims section I found a beautiful black lacy trim. The moment I saw it I knew it would be the perfect embellishment to sew onto my black blouse. I was thrilled with the results of the lace around the cuffs, so I decided to add trim to the collar as well. I just love the new look of my blouse and look forward to wearing it again.


Embellished Cuffs

Black Satin Blouse

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