Reclaimed Fabric Paris Theme Purse

This small evening purse was made from the reclaimed fabric of a bridesmaid dress that I know I’ll never wear again. In the past, I’ve donated bridesmaid dresses, but there were only a few that I just couldn’t part with because the dress fabric was so beautiful. I saved these dresses, took my time taking them apart, saving the zippers, buttons and fabrics. As a big fan of all things Paris, I decided that I would use this beautiful pink silky fabric to make a Paris themed purse. The first thing that came to mind was the Eiffel Tower, so I decided to make an Eiffel Tower of sequins. I really didn’t know how this would turn out, but thought I’d give it a try.

The purse is only 8 inches long by 6-1/2 inches wide and I was able to use embellishments I already had. I used the pink fabric (doubled because it was very thin) that I hand sewed in a pocket style, two strips of black lacey trim that I also sewed on, small black sequins on a single strand to make the abstract Eiffel Tower, and a very light lacey black trim for the very bottom edge of the purse. For the handle I used a 22 gauge wire, two pieces of black velour (from a roll) that I sewed in a tube (then turned inside out), and pink pearls from an old necklace.

I cut two small strips of pink fabric (2 inches by a half inch) to make two very little fabric loops. I sewed one fabric loop on the left, near the top and inside of the purse, and the other fabric loop on the right side. It was through these fabric loops that I would pass the wire end and curl it to seal it with pliers leaving the other wire end free. I passed one of two velour tubes through the wire, then the pearls, then the other velour tube. I then passed the other wire end through the little fabric loop and sealed it as well.

For a closure, I used a small snap on the inside top center of the purse, but I also embellished the outside center with one large black sequin (that has a hole on the top center) and then sewed on a pearl in front of the sequin (hole). I really loved the way this little purse turned out and although the Eiffel Tower is abstract, you can also make this purse and use a store bought applique for a more realistic look.

Beading The Wire Handle

Reclaimed Fabric Paris Theme Purse

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