Reclaimed Fabric Red & Black Choker

The choker was made from a leftover red fabric strip of soft thick cotton and a stretchy black netting that I knitted. I knitted the two pieces (using size 8 knitting needles and size 3 crochet thread–12 stitches wide by 36 rows). Next I hand sewed the edges of the finished knitted piece at the edges stretching it as I sewed it across the face of the red fabric to make the stitches wider and show off more of the red fabric. I then sewed on a trim all the way across on both edges.

Separately, I sewed the same trim in little loops around the center so it looked like a flower. I then sewed three little red and black ceramic beads in the center of the flower. I then crocheted (using size E/4 crochet needle) two little squares as closures (using size 3 red crochet thread) and sewed a black button to one end and a little crocheted loop on the other end. I then sewed each red crocheted piece at each end of the choker.

Recently, I had made a black and gold striped cuff in a previous article and thought it would be a great idea to make a choker with other leftover fabric pieces and embellishments I already had.

Sewing The Black Trim On the Finished Choker.

Reclaimed Fabric Red & Black Choker

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