Whirly Man Trash Art

This piece all started with an old plastic Easter egg we had bought for our dog Maxx about ten years ago. We actually purchased two–one for Maxx and one for Angel our next door neighbor’s dog, which was one of our rescues. Angel chewed through hers in no time but Maxx never really liked the egg except in the winter when there was snow on the ground and he would slide on it throughout the yard. The egg was always around the yard in one corner or another. We never wanted to get rid of it, so in the yard it stayed.

Last summer, my husband started to clean out a spot on the side of the garage we use to keep pieces for future projects. After cleaning out the area we were left with a bunch of items we wanted to recycle. There was some tubing from our old tru-link fence, an old plastic bowl we had painted blue, a broken Stanley broom, a old paint brush, an old whirly flower, a blue piece from the top of a squeeze mop, an old sofa spring, a crystal glass piece, half-round glass pieces, and of course the egg. How David saw a man in all of this, I’ll never know. One day when I got home from work, he surprised me with this piece he named whirly man. Below are photos of whirly man and the trash art pieces used in the process.

Whirly Man Trash Art

Whirly Man Trash Art

Whirly Man Parts

Whirly Man Egg

Whirly Man Gets Eyebrows

Whirly Man Face

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