Painting On Reclaimed Wood Frame

Last year I had the opportunity to make a painting for my niece’s wedding. She had the idea to use a framed picture big enough to set on a table with all the seating tags adhered to the face of the painting so guests could find their names and table number right from the picture. I told her I could draw some abstract examples for her on a smaller scale to see how she would like the different scenes. Because the wedding date was set for October, she told us that her wedding color theme would be right from the rich beautiful colors of fall. She chose gorgeous deep reds, warm browns and deep golds. She then described the setting of where the reception was to be held and the beautiful warm colors of the brick walls near the entrance. The entrance area had a long tall table upon which the painting would be set so I was immediately inspired to paint a warm subtle scene of a beautiful sky at dawn, the horizon and soft warm earth colors. I also pictured a large deep brown tree on the left with beautiful maple leaves in an array of bright fall colors. This would leave the entire space to the right of the tree to adhere the lists of names and table numbers.

My husband almost always prefers to use reclaimed wood to make his own frames for his paintings and likes then to be more rustic than perfect. Among the pieces of wood he used, he also used a small piece of wood from an old shelf on which we kept family pictures including some of when our niece was very young. When he completed the frame, he painted it in a deep brown color that complimented and beautifully set off the colors in the painting. Because the name and seating lists were to be taped to the painting, a glass was added to prevent damage. The painting measures 36″ x 40.” Our niece and her husband loved the painting so much, that the painting now hangs in their living room.

I Named The Painting New Beginnings

Reclaimed Wood Frame For The Painting New Beginnings

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