Embellished Blue Suede Gloves

Embellished Blue Faux Suede Gloves

Sometimes just a little crocheting could give a plain pair of gloves that little pizazz that can change the look for very little money. I used a size K crochet needle and started with 5 chains to cover the length of the folded cuff on the glove. I then single crocheted in each row making sure to stop and measure the crocheted piece against the glove until it met the other end. Using a matching thread, I hand sewed the crocheted trim in a few areas near the edges of the cuff. I then repeated this process for the second glove.

Embellished gloves make a great gift for someone special. You can use any style gloves or mittens, any type of trim or yarn and even buttons or jewelry as embellishments to create a different look.

Plain Faux Suede Gloves Ready for Embellishing

Feather Trim I Used To Crochet on the Faux Suede Gloves

Finished Embellished Faux Suede Gloves


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